Diagnostic and positionning: Orium Clocks, 2006
Client: AIC-International, sales on demand.
Order: To identify the market's opportuneness for Orium desk-clocks.

Proposal: With the diagnosis we can expose how the visibility of the brand seems complicated because of disparates ranges and the miss of product identity.

The first step I proposed was to make rational the ranges declensions.
With the  same technical base we could develop aesthetically and usely three moods for the Orium brand: basical classical and trendy.
The inspiration came from the SEB group with these brands: for each mood they have a leading brand and a middle-second one. In our case, a third range could be more prestigious to become the image engine for the all-brand.

Finally I proposed partnerships with prestigious brand from other markets. Their image could benefit to Orium's image, yet visible with the franch general post-office and with the french national railways.
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