Truck cab, 2005-2006
Partnership: Renault Trucks, Volvo Global group, world second truck manufacturer.
Recognition : Best Production Interior aux Interior Motives Design Awards 2006 (during Paris World Autoshow).


Order: To optimize the physical recovery of the driver in the truck cab reguarding the evolution in long haulage trucking.

The truck cab is the driver's work place, it is also his living place for weeks. The main subject is the home and the nomad work.

Prospective studies for Europe and North America points out that trains boats and planes are too expensive for a lot of goods, quantities and for some courses. The road transport is transborder today and it will become transcontinental up to 2015.

I have met all the truck freight actors and I have travelled a week with a trucker to well-understand his needs and how the working day is organized.
After this I have proposed a cab with the drive station becoming in a few seconds a relax space with comfort devices (pivoting dash console to free space, hot-cold furniture to cook, place to invite friends, evolutive lighting system) and material from home universes.
Legal Mentions.