Large market Knives, création 2004 - commercialisation 2006
Client: Tarrerias-Bonjean, knives factory.
Design Office agency, creation director: Frédéric Strubi.
Our client has been choiced by Carrefour Europe in front of chinese and spanish competitors.

Order: TB knives factory
was producing knives for Carrefour France. TB wanted to answer the european market ask for offers from the distributor.

Proposal: We analysed the ranges of knives and how they are presented in supermarkets. So we have proposed a entire concept for the presentation as to positionning our client as "expert in knives" for Carrefour.

We have drawn 2 ranges, first was "Practical" to replace the former "Basical PP", the second was "Comfort" to replace the former "Bi-material".
The plastic is soft and the metal is robust. We have played with feminin and young universes to draw an equilibrated knif.

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