Preliminary study: streetscape guidance, 2008
Client: city of Cholet, local authority.
Team: urban and architectural studies, director : Fabrice Caillarec.

Order: How to make a guidance for the urban furniture.

Cholet is the second city in the department and the second industrial area of the region.
Its story has been built with the textile industry and as a point for commercial exchanges between bigger cities. A few projects are changing the city: new center district, rehabilitation in social housing districts, new districts with a sustainable goal, new theater.

This is context in which the urban furniture needs a global coherence in managing, costing and atmosphere. Differents functions are concerned by this question and they are all interested in a mutual guidance: uses and tools are differents and the aims are not clearly exposed, there is no basis for a guidance.

So my work has been to explain to major and General Direction the frame for a guidance in 2 steps.
The first step is a global problematic about public space (linked with the protection area for architectural and urban patrimony).
The second step is about the more adequate guidance tool: who manage it, the action areas, the differentiations, the furniture ranges…
Legal Mentions.