Ergonomy: R-o schoolbag, 2008
French National School Ministery.
Team: Maja Wrzesien + Gilles Deguilard, ergonomes.
Order: To imagine a schoolbag adaptated to the ages the weight and the morphology of secondary school-children: less than 1kg (i.e. 2 pounds), strong, practical with an easy use, modern design with sustainable materials.

Proposal: We made an "user-centered" project based on the ergonomical study as to well-understand the needs and the aims of children. The literature revue allowed us to draw the product-architecture. Practices with children proves our choices.
We asked about an hundrer children and teenagers about their tastes. With these marketing and ergonomical instructions I conceived with the ergonoms and with the partner-firm an innovative and industrialisable bag.

This bag is reporting the weight on the front with the tub moving forward to the straps and with the front pocket as an optional ventral strap. The pockets are closed by magnetic stripes: tighter, easier and faster opening/closure, longer duration.
Legal Mentions.