Situationnist Approach for a social housing district, 2007-2008
Client: Nantes Habitat, social housing office.
Team: Laurent Melet, sociologist.

Order: To identify factors of non-attractiveness in a "bad-living" social housing district.

Proposal: A phone survey with hundred of persons os the conglomeration highlights that the district has the worst reputation of the city because of crimes and bands of teenagers and young adults. The statistics from police confirms more important phenomenas of incivilities here.

We first looked for an urban and social anticipation (Jane Jacobs and CPTED). The risk of these strategies is ti take away the evil without looking afetr it so our team proposed a new mindset for social districts inspired of medical "situationnist approach". This process envisages the potentiality of the handicap rather than its fate and accompanies the patients through three phases: 1, prevention - to avoid the evil appears, by socialization and educational shares; 2, care - to minimize the consequences and to avoid the infection, by community organizations for targeted populations; 3, curative - to prevent complications and to rehabilitate the patient, by the recurrence prevention and a social reintegration.
Legal Mentions.