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Did tou said "Design" ?

Design 21 UNESCO's program to create a better world.
Wikipedia one of the definition for "design".
Place au Design what design is for ?
APCI Association to Promote Industrial Creation.
AFD French Alliancy for Designers, national professional syndicate.
ICSID International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, world professional syndicate.
V.I.A., association to Value Innovation in Furnituring.
Design Fax french press.
ObDesigner webzine.
Coroflot international community from U.S.A..
DesignBoom e-zine from Italy.

Whe are the world

Worldometers real time worl statistics.
I'm blogging with

 Teypteyp Blogspot
All about my news, my works, my researches.

Product Identity of the City
What about designing cities ?

The worl first -and alone ?- comic blog of design !

Admirable Design
The french reference for professionals.

WWD blog - Cuba
Worldwide Design Blog by Admirable Design.

WWD blog - Allemagne
Worldwide Design Blog by Admirable Design.

WWD blog - Finlande
Worldwide Design Blog by Admirable Design.
I've created these

Verticality Seminary
Architecture + ergonomy + management (2008).

Design To Sell
Team management (2005).

 Nantes University's Symphonic Orchestra
Graphik identity + ergnonomy (2003).

Legal Mentions.